Portrait sculpture is a fascinating journey to infuse the spirit of a person into clay, plaster, resin or bronze. The technical skill in the created artwork achieves its purpose by revealing to its audience the person they know. Artist and sitter work together in a dynamic process during a series of life sittings in which both are receptive to the personality of the other.
As detail is added to the initial crude forms the spirit of the model emerges on the inanimate material of the portrait. Re-created in another medium, a truthful portrait shows us anew the beauty of our creation. Model and sculptor will just know when a portrait is finished in a magical shared moment.

1964 born in Berlin 

Tuition by French sculptor Serge Mangin 

Tuition by British sculptor Harry Seager 

Sculpture workshop with Martine Vaugel

Interleaved with these studies is my medical career leading to my current post of Consultant Anaesthetist at a West Midlands Hospital. I live with my family in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, UK.

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